With your submissions and as Digital Photo SA gains traction–
it’s our intention to have a regular feature where it is now possible for you to send in some of your work and in so doing elicit constructive comment from a panel of experts who are specialists in their own fields. By doing this we will be able to showcase some of the very best photographs that are being produced in our country.

Starting with a photograph submitted by Duncan Hope who resides in Pretoria. Duncan let us know that this submission was his first attempt at taking a photograph of the Milky Way in the Namib Nuaklift Park in South West Africa. Duncan used a Nikon D750 with 15-30mm f2.8 set at 15mm and adjusted the white balance manually. It was a 30sec exposure at ISO2500. Duncan uses Adobe Lightroom to post-process his work and was waiting on a friend from New Zealand to send him the settings that he uses to process his pictures as he was wanting to make some adjustments.

Duncan sent in two pictures and you can see that he did some work on the second. I am going to refrain from any personal comment right now but we would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@digitalphotosa.com and use Duncan Milky Way in the subject line.

Once I have concurred with our panel I will post the comments along with yours so be sure to look out, and please let us see some of your work. Readers Gallery…