With your submissions and as Digital Photo SA gains traction–
it’s our intention to have a regular feature where it is now possible for you to send in some of your work and in so doing elicit constructive comment from a panel of experts who are specialists in their own fields. By doing this we will be able to showcase some of the very best photographs that are being produced in our country.
Brian Melmoth

There are the odd occasions where I receive a body of work taken by a photographic enthusiast. Recently Brian Melmoth gave us such a body of work. After looking at his work and had to concede that Brian’s work has such potential, and I know with some encouragement would take his work to the next level. A level that is expected and produced from a whole host of members of the PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) I would recommend that Brian submits this work to the Virtual Camera Club in South Africa; https://www.facebook.com/groups/vsscreative I know that Brian will receive all the recognition and inspiration that he needs. VSS has an affiliation to the PSSA.

Brian uses older Nikon DSLR cameras and uses Nikon’s NX software for his colour correction and colour conversion work.