With your submissions and as Digital Photo SA gains traction–
it’s our intention to have a regular feature where it is now possible for you to send in some of your work and in so doing elicit constructive comment from a panel of experts who are specialists in their own fields. By doing this we will be able to showcase some of the very best photographs that are being produced in our country.

A few years ago I received a collection of photographs that had been taken by Cathy Heaton. I have no idea why they were not published and being somewhat intrigued by them ‘now’ as they did not resemble photographs that an amateur would have taken. My reason for saying this, as each image was deliberate, professionally lit and presented. Particularly the framing, cropping and the overall tone of each picture submitted.

I did a search and came across Cathy Heaton’s website and extracted some qualifying information that I can share; “Cathy Heaton is one of South Africa’s favourite professional make-up artists, photographers and pageant mentors. Whilst being a household name with her published pregnancy and baby journal, Our Incredible Journey, which showcases her beautiful newborn photography, Cathy’s work has also featured in many TV shows and magazines nationwide. She is also a member of the International Newborn Photographer’s Association and is known to be a baby whisperer. Along with her many talents, Cathy is also a very successful pageant mentor and coach.”

Cathy’s initial images were good but her later work is outstanding. It is appropriate that I am sharing this with you, as it is very inspirational and will inspire you to try and achieve the same. Every photograph ever taken is a repository of memory and I do not doubt that Cathy will recall the time of her life that she produced these images. Her early photographs have all been captioned making it easy for you to differentiate her earlier work from what she is producing now.


My son Joe
Seeing you

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When you have completed viewing visit Cathy’s gallery http://www.cathyheaton.co.za/