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Readers letter: Readers letter Page 

Camera of the Month: Sony Alpha II David Dodd’s attends the launch and reports back for us.

Peter Bendheim: Social Documentary Photographer Part II

Inspiration: A tribute to Johnny Clegg. Photographed by Patrick de Mervelec

Know How: Johan Wike shares some trick of his trade with us.

Tutorial: Hyperfocal Distance. Achieving maximum depth from forground to background in your pictures.

PSSA: Photographic Clubs in South Africa

Readers Gallery: Enjoy and be inspired by images photographed by Cathy Heaton.

Knowing your DSLR;  Shutter speed and how it affects your images.

Photograpic Society of South Africa: An adventure into the world and the images of the memebers of the PSSA.

Feature Of the Month: Curiosity Killed the Cat. We put an entry-level smartphone camera against an early Lumix Compact Camera.

Canon Disabled Golf Open: An inspirational article sure to please and kudos to Canon South Africa.

From Around The Web: Article Pick Of The Month–DxoMark SmartPone & Digital Cameras Tested.


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