I had to sit back and stare in wonderment at what our small team had achieved by producing Digital Photo SA and I am taking this opportunity to thank them. Greg who I have worked with and have known for many years was instrumental in giving me the training and knowledge to do this. It took far longer than I anticipated, and there is still a way to go, but all good. David Dodd’s is arguably one of the most talented and professional photographers in our country and is so willing to share his experiences and talent and knowledge with all of us–thanks Dave.  This edition is of particular interest as I was able to redo most of the article we did on Johnny Clegg and to pay tribute to him. I don’t want to say too much now as you can read the tribute in this edition.

I have so many good memories of my past experience as I put everything together however it rapidly dawned on me that the Internet is far more immediate and nothing that I can say concerning photography has not been already said but the key ingredient that we have going for us is our diversity and culture and the stunning images that we produce. I will adapt the content of our upcoming editions to showcase this. 



It is imperative that we grow the photographic community in our wonderful country and I need your help in helping us to achieve this.   Please share the link to our domain and also our Facebook

This is almost the end of the festive season and I hope that you had a very special and blessed Christmas and I wish you much success with your endeavors in 2020. Please do send us any comments that you have that you know would help us.

Rob Scott:

Publishing Editor Digital Photo SA.