I wished that it was under different circumstances that I compiled this edition. I shed real tears as put the tribute to Johan Wilke together. His death was very sudden and very unexpected. However, I am pleased that I still have a body of work of his that, and God willing, I will publish in future editions to keep his memory alive. Graham Abbott, who studied and assisted Johan for many years has been able to organise an exhibition in December featuring some of his prints, and the details you will find in this edition and posted separately on social media. https://digitalphotosa.com/art-hotel/

This copy is the fourth edition that we have produced and looking back now; this has been one of my best endeavours. Wanting to reach a far greater target audience necessary changes are in the process of being made, and from the next edition, Digital Photo SA will take on a new look and feel. We will also have a necessary Instagram and Twitter presence. It will also be up to you our faithful readers to help spread the news that Digital Photo SA is available to all photographic enthusiasts and is given to you free of charge.

The driving force behind what we do is the passion for our art. Photography is a serious art form, and we will continue to produce outstanding features showcasing this.

I stumbled upon VSS Creative virtual camera club who have a presence on Facebook. The quality of work that is produced and presented is of a very high standard as they are affiliated to PSSA, the Photographic Society of South Africa. New members are welcome to join so I suggest that you take a look for yourselves as this might be just for you. https://www.facebook.com/groups/vsscreative We also welcome any suggestion that you may have as Digital Photo is your photographic magazine.

Enjoy this edition as much as we have enjoyed putting it together.

Rob Scott: Publishing Editor   rob.scott@digitalphotosa.com