Having formal training in photography and marketing and fortunate that I owned and operated a successful professional photographic business in Cape Town and later in Johannesburg. I specialized in commercial, advertising and industrial photography.

For a number of very successful years, I taught photography at the prestigious Ruth Prowse School of Art in Woodstock Cape Town. I have also been involved with numerous PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) photographic clubs throughout our country as a member and sometimes as a judge and guest speaker.

I was also involved in photographic wholesale and retail sales because of my love for photography, and have been the manager of, at the time, two very well known photographic stores in Cape Town, FotoKino and DevelOprint.

Ultimately my sincere love for photography and marketing led me to start a national photographic magazine titled CAMERA & IMAGE and after many successful years, market forces dictated that I could not sustain it and inevitably its closure.

South Africa has such a vibrant and diverse photographic community and it is my belief that Digital Photo SA will set the stage and provide a platform to express this talent. A digital magazine is far more immediate and dynamic than print could ever be and also enable us to inform the readers of the latest products happenings past and present, almost immediately.

Therefore this digital magazine for creative enthusiasts. DIGITAL PHOTO

Robert Scott


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Rob Scott

Observe this link as it will take you to my qualifying the introduction of Digital Photo SA. This is the beginning and with your participation is destined to serve the entire photographic community in our stunning country and beyond.


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David Dodds

Extracted from an interview with David: – Today absolutely anything that could occupy space is acceptable, the only big question is, should it be? And I think “the should it” is now going to come into position because people are discerning and there will be a backlash. The internet is now running at the same speed as television, if you think that you are going to get away with a site full of ‘no-picture’ pictures, then invent your own demise. …

Greg Matthee

Based on my love of photography I accepted the challenge with both hands to help with the production and design of Digital Photo SA.  With  my suggestion and coaxing  this has helped chart the course for this online photographic publication. Having extensive experience in photography and the photographic industry, today I find myself being drawn to web design and have made it my aim to keep on promoting the importance of the photographic image and I also believe that Digital Photo SA will help provide the very necessary platform to help in achieving this aim.